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     Top marks for this cleaning firm. Used them twice for my sofa, and they were quick, professional, with excellent results. Highly recommended.
Nathan W.09/07/2024
     They sent a great cleaner, and the process was very smooth and stress-free.
S. Richards20/06/2024
     The cleaners are meticulous, extremely professional, and outstanding.
Sammie H.10/06/2024
     Superb service at a reasonable price is what Motspur Park Carpet Cleaning Company offers.
D. Basterfield31/05/2024
     I am extremely pleased with the timely and effective service offered by this agency. The assigned cleaner is thoughtfully matched to the client, resulting in efficient work with no hesitations in accommodating requests.
Jameson K.17/05/2024
     The level of professionalism shown by my cleaner was outstanding as she didn't stop working until everything was perfect. I am grateful for her dedication and exceptional service.
R. Albert16/04/2024
     This company is now my first choice for any deep cleanings after their incredible service on my flat today. Highly recommend their efficiency and attention to detail.
     Trust me when I say that you won't regret hiring Motspur Park Carpet Cleaning for their deep cleaning services. My house was left sparkling and stress-free after dealing with chaos from a bathroom remodel.
Norma Green20/03/2024
     The price for the quality of work done by your team is unbeatable in my opinion.
K. White01/03/2024
     After seeing the dramatic difference in our carpets and sofas, we regret not calling Motspur Park Carpet Cleaning Company sooner.
Barry Keep11/02/2024
     The expert knowledge and skill possessed by Carpet Cleaning Services Motspur Park's team is evident in the remarkable results they produced for our carpets and sofas.
Faith Whiteley11/02/2024
     The service from the cleaner was top-notch, they were incredibly helpful and hands-on, I plan on returning for more of their remarkable cleaning services.
Craig B.24/01/2024
     My time at Motspur Park Carpet Cleaning was exceptional in every way. Communication was easy and efficient, and the staff members were all incredibly courteous.
C. Hurrell 18/12/2023
     This team did a stellar job! The task was undertaken thoroughly. We are intending to utilize this company again to carry out carpet cleaning.
     Wonderful speedy service for carpet cleaning and stain removal, the cleaners were very competent and obliging, thank you!
Timothy Hill 21/06/2023
     For those seeking reliable but affordable house cleaning services, Motspur Park Carpet Cleaning Company is the perfect choice; high-caliber work at a reasonable price.
A. Bond01/03/2023
     I liked their cleaners. They were friendly, polite, and detailed. They did an amazing job at my house. Such a good job that I have hired them to do the cleaning on a weekly basis. I will also be recommending Motspur Park Carpet Cleaning Company and their cleaners to all of my neighbours.
Lacy B.21/05/2020
     In most cases, end of tenancy cleaning services can be quite costly. However, you have the lowest rates. I loved the final results. Superb!
     Just booked end of tenancy cleaning with Motspur Park Carpet Cleaning. Booking was simple, and they sent a quote straight away. Lots of other companies still haven't got back to me after a week, so I'm definitely choosing these guys.
Alfred Jazier28/11/2018
     I was a bit worried about hiring a cleaning service but Motspur Park Carpet Cleaner put me totally at ease and made it such a hassle free experience that I've never regretted it since.
Dean Whale30/03/2018
     I like to think that I'm a frugal person. I don't throw money at professional services unless they're really worth it for example. I didn't think MotspurParkCarpetCleaners would be worth it because I thought their prices were too good to be true. But I had a little faith and it turns out that these cleaners were a service well worth investing in. My house looks fantastic now, and I'm able to have friends over without feeling ashamed. They definitely are a company that I'm making a note of for the future and one that I will recommend to my friends and family. Thank you for everything.
     My sister had been badgering me to clean up my house for months so I decided to do it. I knew I couldn't do it myself so I called up MotspurParkCarpetCleaners for some support. From advice to services, they gave me everything I needed. Their operators gave me valuable info and helped me book their help for a reasonable price. Their staff helped me get this'd one by tackling the more difficult chores. After a few days, the house was looking better than it ever had and now my sister keeps pestering me for my cleaning secret, so her house can look as good as mine.
Melissa Powers20/06/2014
     I wanted to say to anyone who was worried about the possibility of hiring in professional help that it can be hugely, hugely effective when it comes to making sure that your home is up to scratch really quickly. I was worried about whether the service was for me but all it took was one visit from MotspurParkCarpetCleaners for me to understand just how much of a difference it is able to make. With the right help, I'm sure that you'll be in the same boat as I am now: the house has never been cleaner and I've never been happier.
Johnny Morris04/06/2014